Where physical performance meets art without limit or boundaries.

This is legacy. Paint your picture.

The story of Blacksthetics begins with the name. A name borne from the celebration of the Black Aesthetics movement in the late 1960s in the USA. Yet a name very much for the future.

Designed and created by World Natural Bodybuilding Champion Nigel St Lewis, we stand for so much more than premium quality gym and casual wear.

“Our ethos is to showcase the aesthetics of hard work and commitment regardless of race, colour, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation or ability. Where physical performance meets art without limit or boundaries.” The Black Aesthetics movement was borne in the late 1960s in the USA to combat poor race relations, and the development of such was seen as crucial to the development of an African identity, sparking a revolutionary moment in politics.

Encouraged to embrace their African communities and heritage, artists were called upon to seek a new aesthetic, as opposed to that of the West. They created vibrant artworks in the form of murals, which confronted social issues, and galvanised local communities. These murals were colourful and rich with symbolic images, depicting members of the community, from Jazz musicians to politicians.

Today, at Blacksthetics, we celebrate that which brings us together, and continue to fight to move beyond those who seek to divide us. We believe the secret of change is to heed the lessons of the past but focus our energy elsewhere.

On the future.

The self-expression of bodybuilding requires a mental resilience and inner strength to sculpt the physique into human art. The commitment and dedication required to achieve the results are naturally self-rewarding both physically and artistically.

It gives us all the ability to be an artist, using our own bodies as our canvas, as our own individual form of expression. It is both mentally and physically empowering.

Our mission is to embrace modern day fashion and fuse it with a ‘live fit’ lifestyle, along with popular art and culture, both past and present. Blacksthetics designs and fashions are about unity and empowerment - reflecting the values of the original movement over 60 years ago. We all have our own story to tell, we all hail from different backgrounds and lifestyles. Blacksthetics – Unity through physical performance.

Dream It. Sculpt it. Achieve it. Be Blacksthetics.